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ASUS Zero Bright Dot LCD Technology

Zero Bright DotThe ASUS ZBD Guarantee
Unyielding commitment to quality has driven the promise of the ZBD Policy. ASUS is the first to stand out and make a promise to users worldwide that guarantees LCD panels with zero bright dots in selected notebook series. Even if only one bright dot is found, a free panel exchange is guaranteed within 30 days of original purchase.*

This demonstrates ASUS’ confidence in product quality management as well as its determination to become the best provider of high-quality 3C solutions. With this reassurance, users can now shop for ASUS notebooks with complete confidence for total satisfaction.

* Please see ASUS ZBD Warranty Policy for more details

What is ZBD (Zero Bright Dot)?
How does LCD panel work?
A thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) contains millions of individual pixels. Each pixel is made up of three sub-pixel color valves of red, blue and green. The valves in each color either impedes or transmits the light source and by adjusting the amount of light passed through, each pixel displays a distinctive color that ultimately makes up the images shown on the screen. All ASUS notebook LCD panels adhere to strict quality and reliability specification that ensures the proper functioning of each pixel on the display.

What are bright dots?
A dead pixel refers to a pixel with a defect in its ability to display the correct color output. It may look like a tiny black or white spot on the screen. When the pixel remains permanently lit, it is known as a bright

ASUS ZBD Warranty Policy
While defective pixels do not impair the performance of your notebook, it can be annoying especially if the defects are located at positions where viewing comfort is considerably obstructed. ASUS ZBD Policy guarantees bright dot free LCD panels for the first 30 days (warranty period) of original purchase in selected notebook series. Within the warranty period, even if only one bright dot is found, the ZBD Policy can be applied for free LCD panel exchange. This exchange policy applies to bright dot type non-performing pixels only. Purchase receipt or other proof of purchase is required for eligibility. Please check for any bright dots upon purchase or delivery.

1. What is a bright dot?
A bright dot is a non-performing pixel (dead pixel) that remains permanently lit. A bright dot appears as a white or colored spot (not black) against black backgrounds.

2. Which LCD panels can be exchanged?
LCD panels with bright dot defects only. The ZBD Policy does not cover LCD panels with dark/ black dot type of dead pixels. No module or unit change is possible. DOA (Dead On Arrival) service cannot be offered for those units, only a panel exchange service will be provided.

3. The ASUS ZBD Policy covers to which ASUS notebook series?
Currently, the ZBD Policy only applies to models that specifically mention this.

4. How long is the warranty period?
The ZBD Policy is only valid for 30 days after original purchase.

5. How can I get my panel exchanged if I find bright dot(s)?
Contact the local ASUS service center or bring the product back to the shop with receipt or other proof of purchase within 30 days of original purchase.

Worldwide 1-year or 2-Year Warranty

ASUS 2 Year WarrantyASUS' notebook line is protected under a 1 or 2-year warranty globally. Unlike other notebook companies that also promise multiple years of product guarantee but charge users component and repair fees after the first year, ASUS' warranty is free of repair and component charges. By providing a real warranty to protect your purchase, it demonstrates ASUS' confidence in its ability to offer unrivaled quality.

Terms and conditions
The limited warranty covers all ASUS notebooks and a limited one-year warranty is given for the battery (battery capacity's natural loss is excluded from this warranty).

A. Exclusions from this Limited Warranty Service
ASUSTeK does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product. Any technical or other support provided for the product under warranty, such as assistance via telephone with "how-to" questions and those regarding product set up and information, will be provided without warranties of any kind. The warranty only covers failures or malfunctions occurred during the warranty period and in normal use conditions, as well as for any material or workmanship defect. The warranty will not apply if:

(a) the product has been tampered, repaired and/or modified by non-authorized personnel;
(b) the serial number of the notebook, components or accessories has been altered, cancelled or removed;
(c) the warranty seals have been broken or altered;
(d) there is damage caused by accident, natural disaster, intentional or accidental misuse, abuse, neglect or improper maintenance, or use under abnormal conditions;
(e) there is damage caused by improper installation or improper connection to a peripheral device (printer, optical drive, etc);
(f) there is damage caused by an external electrical fault or any accident;
(g) there is damage from use outside of the operation or storage parameters or environment detailed in the User’s Manual;
(h) there is damage from use of parts not manufactured or sold by ASUSTeK;
(i) there is damage to or loss of any program, data or removable storage media, or if there is costs from recovering any program or data;
(j) there is damage from third party software or from virus(es); or
(k) there is software loss or data loss that may occur during repair or replacement.

Returning a notebook to ASUSTeK's Notebook Service Centre during the warranty period does not automatically mean that it will be repaired free of charge. Upon receiving your product, ASUSTeK's Notebook Service Centre reserves the right to check the validity of your warranty and your request for warranty service. Neither ASUSTeK, ASUSTeK's authorized service centre, nor your reseller are responsible for any of your confidential, proprietary or personal information contained in the product which you return to ASUSTeK, ASUSTeK's authorized service centre or reseller, for any reason. You should remove all such information from the product prior to its return.

B. TFT LCD Defect Policy
Despite the highest possible standards, the intricate manufacturing of thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) screens may still produce slight visual imperfections. These visual imperfections do not impair the performance of your ASUS notebook. However, ASUS will provide the warranty service for your ASUS notebook’s TFT LCD screen when there are at least: (a) 3 bright dots or 5 dark dots or 8 bright and/or dark dots in total; or (b) 2 adjacent bright dots OR 2 adjacent dark dots; or (c) 3 bright and/or dark dots within an area of 15 mm in diameter. These are standard TFT LCD screen warranty conditions offered by TFT LCD manufacturers. ASUSTeK will therefore, at its option, repair or replace the product.

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